Something New Coming Up!

After the holiday rush, there’s a lull for businesses like mine. It’s a great time to take a deep breath and get creative! So that’s what we’ve been doing. Cole and I are working on some new lines to keep our fans happy. And we’re planning the spring bee yard maintenance. These days, taking care of honey bees is harder than it used to be. We have to deal with parasitic mite populations in a way that is healthy for the bees and the environment… but also keeps them alive.

We’re going to use a combination of integrated pest management (checking for mites, using drone comb to “trap” and expel them, splitting hives to interrupt brood cycles), and treatments with formic acid. Formic acid sounds scarier than it is. It is naturally occurring in honey, and so is considered a “natural” treatment. We may also try a new hop-based anti-mite treatment.

It can be a juggling act keeping pests at bay, but we’re willing to do it in exchange for the honey, wax, and propolis.

Speaking of propolis, we’re going to be gathering and processing more of it in this coming season. We’ve really loved using the new Propolis Lip Balm (available at GreenStar on Buffalo and Sunny Days of Ithaca on Cayuga). The resinous propolis adds a hint of scent to an ultra smooth mix of organic butters and rice bran oil. It’s a great companion for winter lips!

That first pour!

In fact, we’re loving propolis so much these days that we’ve decided to add another propolis balm to our lineup, something with even more propolis than the lip balm, and a soft, silky texture that can be used anywhere your skin needs the extra love. It’ll be coming soon!

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