Spring Dreams

This is a hard time of year, whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, or Festivus. The days are short and gloomy, and for most of us, cold. Way cold. 

I am not a fan of cold. I know the saying that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. Ha! No. Layer away, it’s still cold out there! It dries out my skin, makes my hair frizzy, and does strange things to the various musical instruments my family plays.

While Christmas is ahead, our Chanukah celebrations are over. This year I made latkes and sufganiyot, the jelly-filled doughnuts that are an amazing carb-o-licious expression of the holiday. The two dozen plus doughnuts did not last 8 days, let me tell you.

With the holiday behind me, my thoughts are turning to spring. My favorite outdoor activities are gardening and bees, neither of which is really do-able at this time of year. Instead, I find myself perusing seed catalogs and trying to decide if I’m going to increase my apiary, maybe buy some exotic Buckfast bees, or Russians. I’m considering putting some fruit trees in my backyard, too. Maybe Paw Paws, those fabulous native fruit trees that don’t even need honey bees to pollinate them. 

My business equivalent of seed catalogs and bee-buying is coming up with a spring scent. 

Bar of Chaya's Hope soap: orange with darker orange calendula petals
Chaya’s Hope: Calendula petals, shea butter, and that cheerful scent. It’s a favorite!

A few yers ago, in the midst of a particularly harsh winter, I came up with Chaya’s Hope, a calendula and shea butter soap with a fresh, citrus-herb-mint scent. I thought it would be a seasonal offering, but it was (and still is!) so popular that it is a staple. I still love that scent!

And so for this spring, I’m thinking of expanding Chaya’s Hope to include a body butter, fizzies, and maybe a lotion. What do you think? Or should I come up with something totally new and roll out a new soap and body butter?

I’d love to hear your ideas! Something fresh and citrusy? A light floral? What says spring to you?

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