Spring Hive Check

Today I went out to the Lansing, NY farm where I started 5 colonies of bees last spring. Twenty feet before I reached the hives, I heard the familiar buzz, and spotted bees sipping water out of muddy tire tracks. A good sign!

One colony swarmed in September, and, predictably, did not make it through the winter. The other four look fine, with bees brining in loads of pollen. I put out some sugar candy for them, but I’m not sure they’ll need it.
Bees with Pollen

In the meantime, The People’s Market in Lansing is carrying some spring soaps I’ve made with last year’s honey and beeswax: True Lavender and a soap for St. Paddy’s Day, Pogue Mahone! Any fans of The Pogues out there?
Pogue Mahone

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