What more can I say? After sub-zero temperatures, constant snow, and all around a miserable winter, today is a beauty. Just warm enough in the sun for my bees to get out and about. It looks like the two hives in my backyard made it through, though the struggle is hardly over yet. Although I left them a lot of honey, they’ll go through it quickly now as they raise their young bees, even before nectar and pollen are available. Go girls, go!

My hives are a bit wonky. Looks like I’ll have some carpentry to do. The bees have made their own entrance out of a corner that has pulled away. Ah well. A little extra ventilation.

#Spring #bees

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  1. I hope you and your bees have a wonderful spring. Its about time!!

    • Lesli says

      Thanks. I have to check my other bee yards, too, but it’s good to know my backyard bees made it. I really need spring this year!

  2. Jamie says

    That is great your backyard hives made it through the cold (I can’t even imagine, I am in CA)! Very smart of them to have made an entrance for themselves and given them some ventilation. They are so smart. 🙂

  3. Samantha says

    Enjoy your beautiful bees!

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