Wait, Which one…?

There is a whole lot of skin-loving goodness going on at Avital’s. Starting with my flagship Lotion Bar that goes back to the beginning my business, I’ve been making things that are so good for your skin from the marvelous things my bees make for over 6 years. Wow!

But now I have Lotion Bars, All Purpose Balm, Body Butter, Hand & Body Creme, and Hand & Body Lotion. What’s the difference? Why should you choose one over another?

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Let’s put them in order of how heavy the ingredients are. In this case, by “heavy,” I mean how occlusive, how great a film they form on your skin.

The winner is… The Lotion Bar! The Lotion Bar is fully one third beeswax. It’s a “lotion bar” because in order to use it, you need to warm the little bar in your hands, which melts of the wax and butters, which you can then rub into your skin. The advantage? It’s a solid, so it’s easy to take on a plane, or keep by our bedside. It has wonderful oils in it: avocado and argan oils, and cocoa and shea butters. This is serious buttery goodness! All of those fabulous oils and butters stay right next to your skin as the beeswax creates an occlusive layer. Yum!

But all that concentrated goodness means… your skin is left a bit oily, at least for awhile. If you use it on your hands, I’m afraid your touch screens will get a bit smeary. Many people use this just before going to sleep, giving their hands (or elbows, knees, feet, whatevs…) a nice coating. Gloves or socks optional. Come morning, yeah! Soft, happy skin!

All Purpose Balm is next up: beeswax, mango butter, antioxidant-rich rice bran oil, and Vitamin E are all pretty heavy duty. There is less wax in this formula, so it is softer than the Lotion Bar, and the mango butter helps it feel a bit drier. But it’s still a barrier balm (and the frankincense and carrot seed oil are held against your skin by that beeswax and mango butter). It’s great for really anything: as a lip balm, on your hands, knees, etc. Like the Lotion Bar, it’s meant for pretty small areas: hands, knees, lips, feet… It’s not an all-over formula (though you’re welcome to try!).

Next is Body Butter: whipped shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, with vitamin-rich avocado oil,

So cute! (Both of them!)
Some curly-haired people use Avital’s Body Butter as an intense moisturizer for their hair! Just a small dab on your hands, and run it through those curls. Keeps them soft and supple. We know!

evening primrose extract, and Vitamin E. Like the others, lots of oils and butter–but the difference is that shea butter is the largest ingredient, and it absorbs quickly. Because the formula has air whipped into it, it also feels lighter. This is (or can be!) an all-over. Great for legs, feet, arms, and yes, even your face. (Some people don’t tolerate shea butter on their faces, other do. It’s an individual thing.)

What all three of the above have in common is that they contain no water, or water-like products. All oils, butters, and waxes. This is both good and bad: the good is that everything is concentrated. The less-good is that if your skin is very dry, and you slather any of the above on, it probably won’t do much good because none of them will hydrate that dry skin. Hydration comes from water–or water-like ingredients, like aloe, hydrosols, or honey. So they work best when your skin is already pleasantly hydrated, like after a bath or shower, or after washing your hands.

Now, on to the hydrating versions of the above: next up: Hand & Body Creme. The formula is similar to the body butter, but it includes both water and organic aloe vera. Why? To hydrate, of course, and to bring aloe’s unique goodness to your skin. This means that unlike the above, the Creme uses an emulsifier (one derived from olive oil) to make sure that the oils and water-based ingredients stay together in the formula. Slather it on–after a bath, or anytime.

Lotion_DLAnd finally: Hand & Body Lotion (yeah, I probably need better names for these formulas!). The Lotion has even more hydration power, again from water and organic aloe vera. This makes it thinner (so it’s a pump, not a jar), and less likely to leave fingerprints on your favorite touch screen. But the formula is still rich and great for your skin. I just put some on my hands, for instance, and my skin feels totally silky.

So–does that help a bit? Each one serves a different need for your skin. Let me know in the comments which your favorite are, and why!


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