Who Doesn’t Love A Good Bath Fizzy?

Baths are not for getting clean. A tub full of warm (or hot!) water with fabulous additives relaxes your muscles, opens your pores, softens your skin, and lightly moisturizes and fragrances your whole body. On a summer day like today, when it’s almost 100F outside, make that a cool bath to chill down your whole body.

Either way, a bath fortified by our fizzies gives you some time away from screens and stress when you can ponder and contemplate… anything. Some of my best ideas come in the tub!

We make our fizzies with essential oils, mango butter, aloe extract, and raw honey from my hives so they’re extra special. We stamp them with our adorable bee, wrap them in colorful foil (to help keep  them fresh!) and put them in Earth-friendly, compostable cellophane.

If you’ve every wondered how we do it (especially the stamp part, right?) here you go!

(And for those fizzy makers out there? We use a Willow Press from Soap Equipment; they also made the custom mold of our honey bee logo! https://soapequipment.com/bathbomb/)



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